Community takeaway delivery service planned to rival Deliveroo, Just Eat


Deliveroo (LON:ROO), Just Eat Takeaway (LON:JET) and Uber Eats might need to watch out for new competition from an unexpected angle in the coming year.

An “alternative takeaway delivery service” run for the benefit of companies rather than the tech platform could be launched and supported by the Good Law Project, the charitable organisation that has challenged the government over its prorogation of parliament and the awarding of cosy PPE contracts.

The project’s founder, Jolyon Maugham, suggested a launch is planned for next year as the organisation looks to expand into new areas.

“What we will probably do is trial in a particular community a structure that enables restaurants and drivers to set up a company that operates an app that serves that community and that doesn’t have these vampires in America sucking wealth out of that community,” Maugham told the Guardian.

Deliveroo’s shares have had a fairly torrid time since listing last month, not helped by workers going on strike over demands for fair pay, more safety protections and basic workers’ rights, following an investigation by The Bureau Local that revealed many workers were paid well below the legal minimum wage.

Restaurants have also had complaints with online marketplaces such as Deliveroo for squeezing their margins and then using ‘dark kitchens’ to further squeeze them out entirely.  

The Good Law Project was set up initially to pursue cases in the public interest, with its first involvement being part of the effort to challenge the legality of the government’s plan to trigger Article 50 without a parliamentary vote.


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