Advanced Material Development says two DASA-backed products at commercial level


Advanced Material Development said today that two of its nanotechnology innovations had reached the stage of multi-sector commercial applications.

The products, which have been developed with funding from the UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and alongside the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), are now at the demonstrator level said ADM.

CHAMIR is a device that can modulate infra-red emissions to avoid military hardware or personnel being detected.

nMark, meanwhile, is a nanomaterial application, akin to a unique barcode, that cannot be removed, corrupted or reverse engineered, said ADM, and can both prove authenticity and prevent counterfeiting.

“We are already in talks with major commercial brands to realise the potential of nMark,” said AMD in a statement.

John Lee, ADM’s chief executive, added: “DASA has been an incredible source of support and early-stage funding for our innovations.

“It has accelerated the technology of nMark and CHAMIR to the next level, so that they are now attractive in the commercial space.

“We are excited by their future as we can see multi-sector applications for both.”


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