VietNam Holding says NAV surged again in March, hails carbon footprint of its portfolio


VietNam Holding Limited (LON:VNH) saw its net asset value (NAV) rise 1.1% in March, extending the gain in the first quarter of 2021 to 10.4%.

Since the start of the financial year in July 2020, the NAV per share has risen 53.1%.

The company’s investment manager, Dynam Capital, said the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated many global trends, and the importance of investing for a more sustainable future is gaining momentum in Vietnam.

The company revealed the findings of its latest independent carbon footprint assessment, which shows that its portfolio was 41% less carbon-intensive than its benchmark, the VN All Share Index, for each US$100 invested in the year ending December 31, 2019.

The assessment was conducted by Vietnam Energy and Environment (VNEEC), a climate change specialist firm in Ha Noi City, which established that the carbon footprint of the VietNam Holding portfolio is 18,003 tCO2e compared with an investment of the same size in VN All Share (30,396 tCO2e).

“It is essential that we track our progress in low-carbon investing and keep a pulse on how companies across sectors are dealing with upcoming regulations on reporting on GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions and reductions. VNEEC, which uses an internationally recognised methodology for the reports, will release the findings for 2020 in June,” Dynam Capital said.

Shares in VietNam Holding were up 1.9% at 214p in the first hour of trading.


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