McDonald’s sets goal to reach gender parity in leadership roles by 2030


McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) has set a new goal to reach gender parity in leadership roles by the end of 2030.

The fast-food chain is also planning to have 35% of US managerial roles taken by people of historically underrepresented groups by 2025.

Data from last year shows that underrepresented groups made up 29% of leadership roles in the US, with female representation accounting for 45% globally.

Earlier this week, the owner of several US restaurants sued the company for racial discrimination.

Herbert Washington claims white franchise holders receive more favourable treatment and he is prevented from buying new sites in affluent communities.

Meanwhile, the outlets in poorer areas are more expensive to operate, have high employee turnover and lower profits, so they can’t be as successful as those in the richer locations, according to court documents.

Washington said this discrimination has caused a US$700,000 (GBP505,000) sales gap between black and white franchisers.

The corporation said Washington is struggling because of “years of mismanagement”.

McDonald’s is not new to accusations of unfair treatment to staff, with several denouncing “systemic sexual harassment” in the workplace, according to a complaint made against the company last May by an international coalition of labour unions.


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